North Dakota Geological Survey

Took a quick look at the North Dakota Geological Survey’s website for GIS data.

The only data I found served directly from their website was surface geology map .pdfs for some 24k and 100k maps.  Also available is a search for Oil & Gas wells although I did not see the data was downloadable.  Some other publications have .pdfs that can be downloaded.

The North Dakota Hub Explorer serves as the state’s official data portal including for GIS data.  The downloadable data includes bedrock geology, surface geology, and contours.  Interestingly, the site allows you to choose from 7 different coordinate systems and 27 different file formats including several AutoCad, ESRI, MapInfo, and KML.  The data I looked at had more attribution than the bare minimum shown on a hard-copy map.  Bedrock data, for example, had additional lithology.

Even though I appeared to be getting a Request is complex error message, their system functioned very well, you step your way through a few selections and a few minutes later you receive an email providing a link to start a download of your compressed data.


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