ArcGIS Ideas

Ok, maybe I have been hiding under a rock, but just saw this is a post from James Fee’s Spatially Adjusted blog.  ESRI has a public suggestion box called  ArcGIS Ideas where users can submit suggestions for ESRI.  One thing I like is that it is open for other users to see and comment.  Not sure how responsive ESRI will be but at least it gives us a place to vent.


One thought on “ArcGIS Ideas

  1. I’m liking ArcGIS ideas more and more although not necessarily for the reason ESRI intended it. I am finding it to be a good resource for “tips” on how to do things. After someone submits a request, someone else comes backs with a way to do what already is being requested. This does happen in the forums but seems like the tone is a bit more casual in the ideas.

    The other benefit is you can subscribe to the feed and see all the suggestions that are coming in where the forums you can only subscribe to individual forums on a email digest basis.

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