I’m Back!

Ok, it has been to long since I last posted and I thank those few people who asked If I had suffered a Segmentation Violation or something.

By means of a brief explanation, I changed jobs last summer, going back to a previous employer in a very different role than what I’ve ever had before. It was a challenging and difficult and one that I had minimal success at but, in the end, didn’t work out. Mostly because I wasn’t a good fit for a variety of reasons including, not surprisingly, geography!  I was mostly tele-commuting because the office was two hours away. I really needed to be in the office more than I was and I wasn’t in a position to relocate.

During my time with that employer I was doing less technical stuff and just did not feel the urgency to be blogging.

I’ve left that job (which was very hard to do because I felt like I was abandoning friends) and have a short-term gig with the employer I left in the summer which will be almost entirely technical work, so I hope to crank out some more technical blog posts.

Also, I’m hoping to shift my career focus somewhat. I’ve been somewhat stuck as a desktop guy–developing mostly desktop applications.  I’ve wanted to do more web development stuff but never made the switch. I’m hoping to build my web skills in the short-term and have been cramming on topics like Java, HTML5, CSS, Map Server, Geo Server, php, jQuery, and anything else that might enhance my web-abilities.

So expect some changes to the blog and I thank everyone who comes to the blog, while the numbers aren’t huge, I am still surprised at how many people find their way here.



I spent almost nine years working for a great company, Applied Data Consultants, through a variety of roles–spent approximately 3 weeks doing Parcel work as a GIS Tech before I started working in Avenue for my own sanity. After that, spent several years doing various programming tasks including building tools for internal production and application development. The last couple years, I served more of a Consultant role, both for internal and external clients.

Where one polyline ends, another starts in this case.

In a couple days, I start my role as Geological Information Specialist at a state agency in Minnesota. I previously worked for the Wisconsin DNR (where I originally “discovered” GIS) and Pierce County, Wisconsin so I have some governmental experience but I am wondering how I will adapt to the organizational differences.